Удирдах зөвлөлSteering Committee

  1. Д.Батжаргал СЭЗДС-ийн захирал Доктор, профессор, Гавьяат багш
  2. Ш.Батсүх УА-ийн дэд захирал, Доктор, профессор
  3. Ж.Батхуяг УИХ-ын гишүүн асан, Доктор
  4. Д.Баяндалай Сэрүүлэг ДС-ийн УЗ-ийн дарга, Доктор, профессор
  5. Т.Дорж Дэд тэргүүн, Академич, Шинжлэх ухааны гавьяат ажилтан
  6. С.Нямзагд Этүгэн ДС-ийн захирал, Гавьяат эдийн засагч, Доктор, профессор
  7. Д.Оюунхорол УИХ-ын гишүүн, Гавьяат багш, Доктор
  8. Ш.Түдэв Гавьяат багш, Доктор, профессор
  9. Б.Сүхбаатар Төрийн өмчийн хорооны хэлтсийн дарга
  10. Ц.Цолмон Дэд тэргүүн, Доктор, профессор
  11. Д.Цэрэндорж Тэргүүн, Доктор, профессор
  12. Я.Шуурав ЕНБ дарга, Гавьяат багш, Доктор, профессор
  13. Г.Чулуунбаатар УА-ийн захирал, академич

Organizational structure

The following is the organizational structure of the association.

Forum-consists of the representatives of the member organizations and individuals and other supporters.  Forum takes place once in every five years and its objective is to analyze the results achieved and define future objectives and prospects.

  1. Steering committee shall be elected by from the Forum and it deals with policy issues of development of the Association and determines means and ways for their implementation.  The current Steering committee consists of the following individuals.


1. D. Tserendorj          President of the MMA, Ph.D., Dean of the Policy Research Unit of RIMPS

2. T. Dorj                    Vice President of the MMA, Academician, Honored worker of science

3. Ts. Tsolmon            Vice President of the MMA, Ph.D, Professor

4. Ya. Shuurav            Secretary General of the MMA, Honored teacher, Ph.D, professor

5. D. Bayandalai         Director of Seruuleg institute, Ph.D, professor

6. G. Bathuyag            Former member of Parliament, Ph.D

7. S. Nyamzagd           Rector of Etugen institiute, Sc.D, Professor

8. D. Oyunkhorol        Member of Parliament, honored teacher, Ph.D

9. B. Sukhbaatar          Director of State property committee’s department of registration and monitoring

10. Sh. Tudev              Honored teacher, Ph.D, professor

11. G.Chuluunbaatar   Director of Academy of management, academician

12. Sh.Batsukh            Vice director of Academy of management, Ph.D, professor

13. D.Batjargal            Director of Institute of finance and economics, Honored teacher, Ph.D, professor


  1. President- shall be elected by the Forum and is a head of the Executive Board. He/she is responsible for day to day activities of the Association.
  2. Office of the Association composes of the staff and is responsible for coordinating training, information, research and other administrative and financial works and it assists the President and Executive Board in their daily activities.
  3. Within the Association there are number of non-affiliated, professional groups with research, consulting, and information orientation.  This includes over 30 lecturers and researchers.

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