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From Knowing to Doing

A package training “From Knowing to Doing” is available from January 2011 for the entrepreneurs, senior and middle managers provided by the Mongolian Management

Training purpose:

To provide latest information and knowledge on management and the techniques in help to obtain real skill and competencies for business people and managers.

Training methodology and specifics:

The training will be delivered based on the latest management concepts and trends and training needs of the participants therefore applicable to workplace improvements. Our instructors possess vast knowledge and business experiences. Different teaching methodologies such as simulation, workplace cases and best practices and problem solving will be widely used.


Leadership, communication, motivation, strategic planning, quality management/system, organizational development, performance measurement/management, problem solving/decision making, human resource management, critical thinking, financial management, quality management, productivity improvement techniques, project management, production management and planning.


Improvement of senior and middle managers management capability, increase if company revenue and profit, improvement of quality of management, product and service, improvement of employees motivation, attitude to work and creativity and improvement of management information system and communication.


  • Based on the learning needs of the participants
  • Focused on converting knowledge into competencies
  • Evaluation is done during and after training and best practices will be shared among participants and public
  • Highly skilled and experienced instructors
  • Creative teaching techniques will be used and training can be organized at work place, distance or blended.
  • The participants can improve their level of competencies and performance can be evaluated post training at work place to achieve higher performance.

Your employees can enroll at our training center of our training can be organized at your workplace.

Center for Performance Excellence of Mongolian Management Association


The Center for Performance Excellence is a non profit, organizational improvement training and education center that helps businesses achieve performance excellence.


What we are striving to do

Bring Mongolian companies management quality to world class.

Mission – Why we exist

An organization of dedicated to excellence in performance for the purpose of enhancing Mongolia’s economic growth, the competitiveness of its economic institutions and the prosperity of its prosperity of its people through the delivery of high impact services.

Goals and Objectives by 2014

  • Provide information and awareness to public, enterprises and companies on principals of Performance Excellence and improvement of management quality. Publish books, magazines and disseminate information;
  • Further disseminate performance excellence approaches by building partnerships with other enabling organizations both within Mongolia and elsewhere; Cooperate with international organizations of similar activities such as American Productivity and Quality Center, Japan Productivity Center, International Labor Organization, Malaysian Productivity Center, Asian Productivity Organization, Texas Quality of US therefore to introduce business excellence methods and approaches to Mongolia, organize training, seminars and workshops;
  • Provide an opportunity of improving the performance of local companies and organizations through comparing performance between themselves and with international companies, sharing best practices and create value by networking;
  • Assist Mongolian organizations to improve performance by developing human capital and organizational excellence through consultancy, training, systems development and best practices;
  • Introduce a Mongolian Prime Minister’s award of “Management Quality” for the local companies in recognition of achievement of a world class management;
  • Earn a credible reputation from the community by adding value to the organizations;


  • Establish skills training and excellence centers focusing on leadership, innovation, communication and teambuilding;
  • Network with other relevant institutions locally and internationally;
  • Promote organizational excellence and best practices to enhance productivity and competitiveness;
  • Promote human resource development with a view to building a knowledge based society;
  • Apply appropriate information, communication and other technologies in organizations for the purpose of enhancing productivity and quality;
  • Rigorously study the needs of clients and collaborative bodies and maintain feedback in order to sustain the value of the CPE to its stakeholders.
  • Engage an active cooperation with state organizations and other NGO’s in order to contribute of building a knowledge based economy; improve facility of training and consultancy, use on-line and web-based training and IT effectively;

The need for Center for Performance Excellence in the community

Mongolia’s shift to market economy in 1990 has triggered the emergence of local business and opened up whole new opportunities and challenges to government and newly developed private sector. The transition was officially announced to be over in 2005. During 20 years of building economy in new situation the local businesses have gained certain management experience and led to local managers and executives the appreciation of management as a business discipline.

The backbone of the economy is the 30,000 SME’s which create 70% of country’s GDP. Education and training is lagging behind the industry development and human resource development. A need to build management capacity for SME’s is growing in a high speed. Businesses lack leadership skills, human resource management/development and understanding and learning of various productivity and quality improvement techniques and tools leading to overall performance improvement thereby enabling them to be engaged in the journey towards business excellence is timely important.

Therefore a new era of next stage of business development is imminent under ever evolving new circumstances and challenges. One of the challenges they face is how to maintain a sustainable growth and create core competencies in order to compete successfully at international market place.

The opportunities opened up by the market economy have been quickly capitalized and the early movers of market transition have accumulated capital to efficiently invest and grow further, whereas SME’s still have to strengthen their leadership, human capital, product quality, process management, marketing, customer relation and satisfaction.

Facilities to help SME’s offering them an access to Performance Excellence models, Management quality and capacity building are becoming more crucial for the SME development and country’s economic development.

Therefore The Center for Performance Excellence focuses to help companies to overcome the challenges they face today for their future and meet their management needs to ensure their survivability and sustainability in long term.

About CPE

With a focus on productivity, quality and organizational development CPE intends to enlarge its service and contribution to the local business community, specifically microenterprises and SME’s to knowledge management, benchmarking and best practices, therefore to improve their productivity and competitiveness.

The CPE provides training and consultancy to the companies and individuals in the area of leadership, Organizational Development, HRH/HRD, Productivity and Performance Measurement.

Over the last few years the CPE staff has been trained by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC), International Labor Organization (ILO), Spring Singapore and Japan Productivity Center (JPC). Its strategy has been to allow the companies to have an access to the latest management tools, techniques and best practices in order to develop local talents and contribute to economic development through collaborative efforts with the said organizations.

CPE consultants work in EBRD-BAS subsidized projects starting from 2009. It provides training courses in the areas of organizational development, HRM/HRD, measurement and productivity.



Altantuya Altankhuu

Head of Center for Performance Excellence of Mongolian Management Association,

А.Алтантуяа is a management consultant and trainer. She has an extensive knowledge and experience working in the top management level of the British and US managed joint venture companies in Mongolia in the industries such as banking, cashmere and hospitability. Recent years she has been working ADB, EBRD projects as a national consultant.

She graduated Kiev Polytechnical Institute as an electronics engineer in 1991 and earned MBA degree from Edinburgh Business University in 2007. She is also a qualified English language translator. She took many short courses at Japan productivity Center, American Productivity and Quality Center, Spring Singapore and ILO in the area such Organizational development, competency based human resource management, performance measurement system, balanced score card, productivity and quality.

John Parsons

Professional and Managerial Experience

From 2002 to present: Principal of resource Alternatives and national Executive – Business Strategy with the Australian Council. Resource Alternatives is a professional consulting firm dedicated to providing integrated services to clients focused on improving long run performance.

From 1997 to 2002: CEO of Resource Alternatives Botswana and director pf HRMC Botswana. HRMC provides leading edge human resource interventions that are congruent with the organization’s strategic direction. It does this through management and organizational development, executive recruitment, industrial relations and organizational climate studies.

1994-1997: Deputy director of the Botswana national Productivity center responsible for establishing and managing the organization’s consulting, research and promotional activities.

1974 to 1994: Directors Productivity Strategy at the National Productivity Institute of south Africa with ongoing responsibility for the development and application of performance enhancing and measurement approaches and the introduction of internationally accepted organizational transformation technologies into South Africa.

Areas of specialization and professional skills

Change management and organizational transformation through the introduction of significant shifts in an organization’s perception of its environment; moving away from “quick fixes” to embrace the careful management of all aspects of organizational change.

Development, design and implementation of performance management systems that support organizational improvement. Such systems are congruent with organizational vision, mission, strategy and action plans and are consistent with systems thinking.

Development application of integrated performance measurement models such as productivity accounting, the objectives matrix and the balance scorecard which are designed to provide the basis for sound decision making.

Facilitation and support of leaders in their task of crating and communicating a clear and compelling vision of the future and aligning this with strategy, action plans and performance monitoring.

Development and application of management development, placement and assessment programs that incorporate background evaluation, behavioral and value system profiling, cognitive complexity and managerial competency.

Altankhuyag Sh.

Major is mechanical engineer. He speaks English, Japanese and Russian. Specialized on production, quality, cost and human resources management. Conducted many workshops at Japan-Mongolian Center and successfully completed ADB, WB and EBRD projects.

1993 – 1999: Senior expert, vice chairman of National Productivity and Development Center.

2000 – 2009: consultant at Private Sector Development Project, Coordinator of Business courses at Mongolia Japan Center, Vice Chairman of Authority for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection.

Consultancy and training services provided to more than 20 companies and entities such as Gobi, Eermel, Zag, Mongolia-Korea vocational training institute, Bayanzurkh district hospital and etc.


Human resources management

  • Conducting leadership, moral and motivational surveys
  • Conducting organizational diagnosis
  • Developing wage and compensation systems
  • Implementing performance management system and mechanism at managerial level of an organization.

Quality management

  • Implementation of total quality management system based on ÈÑÎ 9000 series requirements

Production management

  • Conducting process analysis and processes improvements

Planning and budgeting

  • Introducing effective planning and budgeting methods
  • Implementing effective planning and budgeting system in a company

Business plan development

  • Introducing effective way to develop business plan to meet investors’ requirements.

Starting up your business “Entrepreneurship” program

  • Assisting micro and small businesses to start up a business and nurture business.


Management philosophy and techniques

  • Introducing creative thinking system and overcoming obstacles
  • Defining organizational vision and purposes based on Balanced Scorecard

Financial analysis

  • Financial statements and their contents
  • Financial analysis based financial statements
  • Break-even-point analysis and its application
  • Planning of sales income based on monthly moved sales income method

Quality management

  • Improving product and service quality
  • Quality management system ISO 9001
  • Application of QC 7 tools
  • Quality improvement story

Productivity and quality improvement ways

  • KAIZEN – concepts
  • 5S and its implementation

Organizational Culture

  • Building a high performing organizational culture
  • Communication
  • Team work
  • Motivation

Innovation Excellence

  • Quality Circle 7 tools
  • 7 New tools management and planning

People Excellence

  • Task analysis
  • Training needs analysis
  • Total Training plan
  • HRM measurements

Strategic Human Resources Management Development

  • Strategy based organization
  • Wage components and system and identifying wage level according to position level
  • Management by objectives

Training Payment

On cite consulting and training at enterprises

Training and CPE Training Center

(incl training material, hand outs, lunch. 10% discount for more than 3 participants from one organization)




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